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Take a walk to Torrevieja!

When it comes to Torrevieja sightseeing you will find plenty to hold your interest, not to mention a wide range of attractions, entertainment, and facilities that are suitable for the whole family.

If you will start with strolling through the promenade, then don’t miss a chance to inspect the U-boat S-61 Delfin which is exhibited in the marina. And you will get an idea about the difficult conditions of being on a boat, in which the crew is staying during the navigation.

You may also see there the patrol boat Albatross III and a new added schooner.

Admission: Free
Hours Summer (July-September):
Sunday - Wednesday: 17:00 to 22:00
Hours of winter (October to June):
Sunday - Wednesday: 10:00 to 15:00

Not far from the port there is a wonderful park ”Mirador Turístico de la Torre del Moro” designed with a stunning panoramic view over the coast. In the central  part of it you will see the Moorish tower - the emblem of the city,which was build in the 14th century as a lookout and defence point against pirate attacks.

In the shadow of the park you can relax sitting on a bench and your child may enjoy his time at the  playground.

Photos from Moor's Tower in Torrevieja:

If you will go up from the town square with a fountain (the promenade area)  and walk along the narrow streets, you will reach the church of la inmaculada (Iglesia Arciprestal de la Inmaculada Concepción), which is on the  Plaza de la Constitución.

Here you will find maps of the square.