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Fuerte de Navidad, Cartegena

Take a trip to Cartagena

– the ancient city. And start your visit with viewing the port, where you’ll find a parking, located just below the promenade.

The first you may see walking along the promenade - is the world-famous Peral Submarine, invented by Isaac Peral (born in Cartagena) that was launched in 1888 as one of the first U-Boats ever.

Going up, from the Port  area  in the direction of Plaza del Ayuntamiento ,you will find the museum of TeatRomano.  Visiting the museum will give you the impression of  touching an antiquity.  You will inspect the preserved part of the ancient Cathedral  and the ruins of an ancient amphitheater. After watching a wonderful film you will learn the history of the city, the time of its foundation and the incredible discovery of the ancient Roman amphitheater. It enables you to fully realize the importance of the role that the town of Cartagena played in the history of Old Spain (Hispania Antigua).

And certainly, stroll through the pedestrian streets of Cartagena! You will get the real pleasure of sightseeing the amazing architecture from the bygone era and enjoy visiting small shops, located in cozy narrow streets in historical part of the city.

At the end of your journey, drive the west direction, along the promenade, then turn left and follow the signs - Fuerte Navidad. Passing through the narrow road, past the shipyards, in which docks there are often submarines and you will find the fort - Fuerte Navidad. There is also a free parking lot.

Entrance for adults costs 2 ½ € and includes: a film - presentation about the fort, natural port of Cartagena, a historical story about of the ancient city, and also your visit to the fortress.

After proving on top of the fortress - enjoy the view, and you will understand - why this natural harbour has been used as a safe haven, for many-many centuries.

Presumably, that kind of visiting takes about 2 to 2 ½ hours but also better to leave some more time to take a walk around the fort, where young people are often jump into the water from the rocks, and to watch the fish from the pier.


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