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Algar Waterfalls

Only 99 km north of Torrevieja and very close to a tourist mecca - Benidorm, you will find a wonderful place – the Falls of Algar.

Visit the waterfall, one of hot summer days and get plasure in it’s shade and swimming in it’s cool water, or just enjoy the view and sounds!

There is also a picnic area with tables & etc. more or less in 500 m.
Falls can be visited all year round, but we would recommend you to enjoy it’s coolness from May to November.

See also. video from the waterfall below.

You may combine this trip with visiting a nice village, one of must-see, Guadalest , which is mostly in the same location. It is a picturesque place with a population of 204 people only, is the most beautiful on the coast and the second most visited place after the Prado Museum in Madrid. This castle-treasury of Arab rulers, was built at a height of 400 m above sea level and was  the last Moorish bastion on the continent.

There you will find more museums for any interest.

Puig Campana and El Ponotx

If you visited the waterfall of Algar, there is another interesting place to be viewed - you are only in few kilometers from the mountain Puig Campana and El Ponotx - the two second highest mountains in the region.

Try to reach the viewing point, where you can enjoy the views of mountains and the valley.

The way to get there starts as wide gravel road ( do not think it is incorrect one, keep going). It is for  the first hundred meters, but then it will be changed by another - fine coated road of good quality that leads  to viewing point.

Enjoy this spectacular sight.


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